Antisocial entrepreneurship: Conceptual foundations and a research agenda.

Erik Lundmark, Alf Westelius, Journal of Business Venturing Insights,
Volume 11, June 2019, e00104

Whereas social entrepreneurship has been extensively studied, its antipode—antisocial entre-preneurship—is all but neglected in the literature. This article identifies and elucidates thisglaring conceptual and research gap; it provides a conceptual foundation for making sense ofantisocial entrepreneurship, demonstrating how it is distinct from related constructs such asillegal and destructive entrepreneurship; and it suggests an agenda for future research onantisocial entrepreneurship. Through studying antisocial entrepreneurship, a broader spectrumof entrepreneurial intentions, actions and outcomes becomes visible, potentially furthering ourunderstanding, not only of antisocial entrepreneurship, but also of other, more commonlystudied, facets of entrepreneurship.