I view tensions between stability and change as fundamental. Knowledge development, sharing and learning are vital for organisations as well as individuals and society. This calls for knowledge management, management control, management of change and project management with a strategic understanding of business ecologies and business models. A long-standing and increasingly important interest is how new and mature organisations navigate and function in the ever-more digitised and dynamic world. I find it essential to reach beneath the hype and superficial explanations. Nothing and no one is value-free. Perspectives management – identifying and paying heed to perspective differences among people regarding the phenomenon of interest – is therefore fundamental, both to achieve understanding, and from an ideological point of view, out of respect for people.

Research projects

Creative Industries – Competence, values, norms and innovativeness in creative industries and the viability and spread of innovation in relation to the inherited, more commonplace and permanent.

StraP – strategic pricing – explores business ecologies and scenarios, business models and pricing models and the pricing process for offerings that are increasingly servitised or software-based.

KÅI – Competence, Feedback and Ideals – a study on the attainment of competence in the workplace and its connection with education, training, shared and individual ideals, shared and individual routines, and interaction and feedback.

Emotion in mediated communication and decision making – studies of the roles and effects of emotion, emotional contagion and emotional escalation in situations involving ICT-mediated communication.

IPRON – Interaction in PROfessional Networks – a comparison of advantages and disadvantages of synchronous and asynchronous communication, information exchange, knowledge and competence development.

My research is also presented at my Linköping University pages.